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Full nutrition profile revealed for the upcoming Outright Protein Wafers

outright protein wafers

Last week Marc Lobliner and MTS Nutrition announced the launch of yet another edible product for the Outright functional food brand. The protein snack is the Outright Protein Wafers which is, of course, a wafer style product featuring crispy wafers and flavor-filled cream.

This week we’ve got confirmation on the exact nutrition profile of Marc Lobliner’s Outright Protein Wafers. The product is going to come with two crispy wafer snacks per packet providing a total of 15g of protein, 13g of carbohydrates with 6g of that sugar, 9g of fat, and 200 calories.

We do also have an updated launch timeframe for the Outright Protein Wafers, as previously it was expected to arrive this week. The release of the protein snack has been moved up by just a week, with the Outright Protein Wafers now due to be available at Tiger Fitness next week.

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