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Performax Labs announces its new and improved HyperMax Extreme

hypermax extreme

Performax Labs has announced that it is launching a new and improved version of its powerful, 2017 released pre-workout HyperMax. The supplement is already one of the best in its incredibly competitive category which is why we’re extremely excited to see what the brand has done to improve the pre-workout.

The HyperMax sequel will be named HyperMax Extreme and is said to deliver higher energy and focus, even better pumps, and enhanced performance. As mentioned, we consider the current HyperMax to be one of the best pre-workouts on the market, so we wouldn’t be surprised if HyperMax Extreme ends up being the best overall if it comes through on its promised improvements.

Another change worth mentioning for HyperMax Extreme is that Performax Labs has given it a more convenient serving structure. Basically a full tub of the upcoming pre-workout will pack a total of 40 scoops. One scoop will be a regular serving, while the maximum amount recommended will be two scoops, giving you 20 maximum workouts per tub.

Performax Labs is currently aiming to launch its promising HyperMax Extreme somewhere in the middle of January exclusively through a major, but yet to be named retailer. Fans of the brand and pre-workout enthusiasts will be able to pick up the product in two flavor options, with a third due to arrive shortly after the pre-workout’s official launch.