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Redcon1 ups its Readiness Trials prize money to $50k for the new year

redcon1 readiness trials

Redcon1’s Readiness Trials is a body transformation challenge that the brand has successfully run several times in the past. The contest has always drawn in a massive amount of attention due to the prize money the brand puts up which has been as high as $20,000 cash.

To kickstart the new year, Redcon1 is running another Readiness Trials transformation challenge, although this time it has truly gone above and beyond. The grand prize for the brand’s next contest is going to be an almost unbelievable $50,000 cash.

Redcon1 will be running its upcoming Readiness Trials much the same as all of its others, going for a full 12 weeks with the brand taking submissions between Monday the 7th and the 14th of next month. To get in the running, you either have to purchase a Redcon1 stack or pay a $49.99 entry fee.

There is already a page over on Redcon1’s website dedicated to the Readiness Trials with plenty of information on the contest. If you are going to take part we definitely suggest giving it your all, as with a $50k grand prize, the trials will likely attract some strong competition.

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