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Finaflex announces its explosive pre-workout spin-off Stimul8 Dynamite

An all-new spin-off of Finaflex’s pre-workout supplement Stimul8 has been announced and it sounds like it’s going to be quite intense. The name of the product is Stimul8 Dynamite which is intended to be a more explosive and extreme version of the current Stimul8 pre-workout.

Finaflex’s upcoming Stimul8 Dynamite promises to be an all-around type pre-workout delivering intense energy, increased blood flow, and enhanced focus and motivation. None of the supplement’s ingredients have been revealed just yet, although based on its benefits it’ll likely have a hefty mix of everything.

To go with Finaflex’s big announcement of Stimul8 Dynamite, it has confirmed an exact launch date for the explosive pre-workout product, and it’s not too far away. The brand is planning to make the Stimul8 spin-off available right at the start of the new year on Tuesday the 1st of January.

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