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Vitality Switch Review: Switch over-delivers with its great tasting greens

vitality switch review

When it comes to flavored greens supplements, they almost always tend to have great formulas with a wide variety of well-dosed ingredients. In our experience however it is the taste of these types of products that sets them all apart. Up until today, we hadn’t actually tried a greens formula we would drink voluntarily.

The supplement that has changed our minds about greens products is Switch Nutrition’s Vitality Switch, which was released earlier this year and claims to be the best tasting greens in Australia. It features a solid mix of fully transparent ingredients separated into five blends with super greens, detox and immune support, gut health, digestive enzymes, and medicinal mushrooms.

vitality switch review


There are three flavors available for Vitality Switch in Lemon Ginger, Chocolate, and Matcha Mint. Not only are all of those options bearable, but they taste surprisingly good. We’re not sure how Switch Nutrition has done it, but each flavor delivers on its title taste, although some of them are a little less obvious.

Despite Matcha Mint not being a flavor we’d thought we would like, it is the most the enjoyable option on the Vitality Switch menu. It packs a very noticeable and sweet mint flavor which is a bit stronger than the others. Both the Chocolate and Lemon Ginger are a little lighter on their title tastes and lack that sweetness that makes Matcha Mint such a convincing flavor.

Another thing worth mentioning is that it’s best not to smell Vitality Switch. The powder’s scent by itself or mixed in water can be quite off-putting, in fact initially, we didn’t think the supplement would taste all that great based on it. A quick solution is to breathe out before drinking, although, at the same time it is easy to forget the smell when you know how good it tastes.

vitality switch review


Basically, Switch Nutrition over-delivers on its claim of Vitality Switch being the best tasting greens in Australia. We’re happy to say it is the best tasting greens we’ve ever tried, and we’ve had quite a few come across our desk. If you’d like to give it a go, we suggest going with Matcha Mint, although the brand does now have a variety pack available for those looking to sample all three.

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