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Xtend Carbonated packs recovery and repair into a delicious on-the-go drink

Scivation has introduced a new, ready-to-drink version of its flagship supplement, the amino powered Xtend. The product is a delicious carbonated drink simply being referred to as Xtend Carbonated, which is designed to deliver the same benefits as the original Xtend powder.

The all-new Xtend Carbonated features almost all of the same ingredients and doses as the Xtend powder with the exception of just one amino. The combination includes 7g of 2:1:1 ratio BCAAs, a 1.14g blend of electrolytes, and a gram of citrulline malate, with the missing feature being glutamine.

xtend carbonated

Altogether, the ingredients in Xtend Carbonated aim to help users refuel, repair, and recover, all in the convenient form of a canned beverage. The product has been put together in four sugar-free and zero calorie flavors with Kiwi Berry Blast, Glacial Grape, Black Cherry, and Blue Raspberry Ice.

Scivation plans on making its all-new and delicious, Xtend Carbonated available for purchase in stores and online sometime very soon. The ready-to-drink product will come with all of the usual options to buy including a bulk pack case with a total of 12 cans.