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4+ Nutrition unveils its urinary tract health formula Cysti+

4 plus nutrition cytsti

Cysti+ is an all-new supplement from the Italian company 4+ Nutrition that comes under its Health Care family of products. The supplement is actually designed for a very specific problem in women that we can’t recall ever seeing any other company formulate something for.

4+ Nutrition’s Cysti+ is a urinary tract well-being supplement built to help eliminate one of the leading causes of urinary tract infections or UTIs. The product features cranberry which according to the brand has been shown to help eliminate the infection of the bacteria escherichia coli (e. coli).

Cytsi features a branded type of cranberry with Exocyan, although that isn’t all 4+ Nutrition has thrown into this one. Alongside that main ingredient is d-mannose, vitamin C for immune support and the branded compound Orafti P95 to restore the balance of the microbiota.

4+ Nutrition’s Health Care Series Cytsti+ is due to release sometime soon, with no listing or availability of the product just yet from what we can see.