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5% Nutrition previews its glucose disposal agent Freak Show

5 percent nutrition freak show

Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition has unveiled its first entirely new supplement for the year of 2019 with the awesomely named product Freak Show. While that title is fitting for a variety of different supplements, 5% Nutrition’s Freak Show will be competing in the complex glucose disposal category.

5% Nutrition’s Freak Show is an insulin mimicking formula featuring a handful of ingredients, however we can only confirm two of them at the moment. Those ingredients are both common in glucose disposal agents with banaba dosed at half a gram and berberine at 350mg.

At the moment, 5% Nutrition is only promoting Freak Show as launching soon with no timeframe on its arrival. The brand does tend to put together impressive formulas, so we’re certainly excited to see how 5% Nutrition’s glucose disposal product turns out when it eventually hits shelves.