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Anastasis reveals major plans for 2019 and previews a new product

anastasis brud

Since introducing itself and launching its two products, we haven’t heard all that much from the biohacking, lifestyle supplement company Anastasis. As we start the new year however that is all about to change as the brand has confirmed that significant changes are coming, including an entirely new product.

To get some excitement going, today Anastasis has released a preview of its upcoming coffee elixir Brüd. The supplement is going to be an instant coffee powder with a few extra features thrown in on top for added benefits including the PeakO2 performance blend, KSM-66 ashwagandha, and the focus ingredient lion’s mane.

As mentioned, significant changes are coming to Anastasis involving more than just the release of Brüd. We’ll have more information on that at a later date, although we do know it involves reformulations of the brand’s two original supplements, the focus enhancing product Konnect and the relaxation formula LAX.