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Animal Pump is being reformulated and turned into a powder formula

animal pump powder

The hardcore legacy brand Animal, has announced that it is putting together another powder version of one of its current supplements. This is something we’ve seen the brand do on two previous occasions, firstly with its multi-vitamin Animal Pak then again with its reliable joint support formula Animal Flex.

The next Animal product to get the powder treatment is the pump supplement, Animal Pump. The brand is actually looking to do more than just turn it into a powder; it also plans to reformulate the product. Basically, when the flavored Animal Pump eventually gets released, it won’t feature the same formula as the current pack version.

As mentioned, Animal is working on its updated and powder Animal Pump as we speak, and is also asking what fans want to see in the supplement. Feel free to share your suggestions on any ingredients you’d like to see the brand include in its new Animal Pump in the comments below or on any of our social media platforms.

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