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Upcoming Keto Cocoa from ANS will feature MCTs and nootropics

ans keto cocoa

ANS Performance has shared a little more information on its next new supplement for its keto-friendly Ketosys series of products. The upcoming supplement is the straightforwardly named Keto Cocoa, which is an instant hot cocoa mix featuring a formula without any artificial ingredients.

The new ANS Keto Cocoa packs 6g of MCTs per serving with absolutely no sugar and an apparently “decadent rich chocolate taste”. The product is also said to have added nootropic ingredients for enhanced cognition, making it a truly unique hot cocoa drink built for nutrition and focus.

At the moment we don’t know when ANS Performance’s Keto Cocoa is due to be out and available, but it is dropping sometime soon. When it eventually arrives fans of the brand will be able to pick it up in the one naturally sweetened, Hot Chocolate flavor, and the one 20 serving tub size.