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ANS Performance teases a new version of its pump pre-workout Dilate

ans dilate

ANS Performance has dropped a teaser image for an upcoming supplement that has us pretty excited. Based on what we can see in the picture it looks like the top-rated brand is getting ready to release an all-new version of its long-running and still available muscle pump pre-workout, Dilate.

ANS initially launched Dilate as a pump pill, then a few years ago it was transformed into a powder formula that was one of the best pump products we had tried at the time. It is purely because of the effectiveness of Dilate that we’re excited about the possibility of a new version.

To further confirm our suspicion that ANS is releasing a reformulated Dilate, it has said that its upcoming supplement delivers “massive skin-splitting muscle pumps”. It will also apparently drive “growth and performance”, suggesting the product might offer more than just pumps.

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