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Franky’s Bakery adds a new Apple Cinnamon flavor to its low-calorie Zerup

apple cinnamon zerup

The creative functional food company Franky’s Bakery from Germany, has put together a sweet new taste for one of its many convenient and great tasting products. The item getting the new flavor treatment this time around is the brand’s sugar and fat free, low-calorie syrup, Zerup.

Fans of Franky’s Bakery will know Zerup already comes in a massive amount of flavor options including creative recipes like Chocolate Cookie, Peach, and Tiramisu. Now available from the brand is another creative Zerup option to throw or mix in with your food in Apple Cinnamon.

The reliable European supplement retailer Gigas Nutrition actually already has the latest from Franky’s Bakery in stock and available for purchase. Through Gigas, the Apple Cinnamon Zerup, as well as any of the product’s other options, will cost you €5.90 (6.76 USD) per bottle.