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BAM squeezes in a combined 10.2g of eight EAAs into its new Elite EAA

bam elite eaa

The European brand Bodybuilding And More, or more simply known as BAM, has jumped on the essential amino acid trend this month with a new supplement named Elite EAA. The product comes loaded with over ten grams of EAAs per serving to help with protein synthesis and muscle recovery.

The formula behind BAM Elite EAA is packed full of 10.2g of EAAs, with exactly 5.2g of that being BCAAs. It is also worth mentioning that for those of you looking to buy the supplement, it is an EAA product, however it doesn’t have all nine EAAs, with histidine being the only EAA not in the mix.

When it comes to flavor options, BAM has put together quite a few for Elite EAA, and it’s also branded them very differently from the rest of its lineup. The EAA hs six flavors to choose from in Cherry Tale, Crazy Cola, Loaded Lemon, Mango No.5, Pumping Peach, and Ultra Orange.

While BAM Elite EAA does come with a hefty amount of aminos per serving, it doesn’t feature all that many servings per tub with only 16. Supplement shoppers over in Europe can now find and purchase any of Elite EAA’s six flavors, from the retailer Gigas Nutrition for (€29.90 USD).

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