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Divided Labs launches its ongoing money-saving, Daily Deals promotion

divided labs daily deals

Divided Labs has launched a new money-saving feature called Daily Deals that is perfect for fans of the brand looking for some solid discount. The way it all works is Divided Labs puts together a strong sale that only a limited amount of people will be able to claim.

The current offer the brand has available is its well formulated intra-workout product AminoVide, which has been heavily discounted to just $16.86. Once all of the coupons have been claimed for that deal, Divided Labs will launch another, equally competitive offer.

To take advantage of Divided Labs’ current Daily Deals promotion you need to head to this link here. When this one is all finished up you’ll need to keep an eye on the brand’s social media pages as that is where it will share the link to its next big supplement sale.

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