EVL combines fiber and probiotics for its all-new FiberMode

Jan 20th, 2019
evl fibermode

FiberMode is the latest supplement release from the white and blue brand EVL, which is a fiber plus probiotic formula that comes in an unflavored powder. The product brings together ingredients from both sides of that description for immune support and digestive health.

You can see the combination of ingredients in EVL’s new FiberMode in the facts panel below. Each serving of the supplement comes with 5g of dietary fiber from sources like VitaFiber isomaltooligosaccharide and psyllium husk, as well as one billion CFU probiotics from 4.5mg of ProDURA.

Fans can already purchase EVL’s all-new, general health product FiberMode, from its own online store over at evlnutrition.com. A full-size 30 serving tub will currently cost you $19.99, and as mentioned it comes in just the one flavor, with a convenient unflavored powder.

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