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VPX is launching its first-ever limited edition Bang Energy drink

limited edition bang energy

VPX Sports has confirmed that it is getting ready to release the first-ever limited edition flavor of its tasty and popular Bang Energy drink. The brand has not revealed what the name of the flavor is just yet, but it has shared a picture of what it looks like and a time frame for when it’ll be available.

The limited edition Bang Energy will be brightly colored pink and purple, and it is due to launch sometime within the next few months. The product is also initially going to be exclusive to the supplement distributor Europa as well as the major supplement retailer the Vitamin Shoppe.

We have absolutely no guesses at what the limited edition Bang Energy flavor is going to be, especially after the release of the uniquely named Rainbow Unicorn. What ever the product turns out to be, as mentioned it is due to be out and available within the first three months of this year.

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