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Got7 hid a whole bunch of delicious new products in its Advent Calendar

got7 advent calendar

Last month we posted about how Got7 Nutrition’s massive and protein snack packed Advent Calendar, had two new products hidden behind its doors. They were all-new flavors of the German brand’s delicious Protein Chips with Cheese & Onion and Sweet & Salty.

It turns out Got7 Nutrition hid a lot more than just two new flavors of its Protein Chips in the Advent Calendar. There were also four other unreleased products that we’re guessing were like the chips, and put together as exclusive samples for the countdown Christmas calendar.

The items included the Got7 Nutrition calendar were the candy bar like Mini Choc, the keto-friendly chocolate bar Ketinho, the soft Protein Cookie, and Protein Praline. The last item on the list looks to be the most delicious creation Got7 put in its calendar, with Protein Praline being a pack of little protein infused chocolates.

We have reached out to Got7 Nutrition for more information on its calendar exclusives, specifically if they’ll ever get a full release. We’re hoping that is the plan, as we didn’t see too many new items from the brand in 2018, which was a bit disappointing considering we rate Got7 the best functional food company out there.