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InnovaPharm updates its weight loss supplement to Novaburn XT

novaburn xt

InnovaPharm has put together a new version of its original weight loss supplement Novaburn which goes by the sequel title, Novaburn XT. The updated fat burner promises a similar mix of benefits to its predecessor but with a fresh new set of ingredients.

Novaburn XT directs users to take a single capsule serving as much as three times per day. Packed into each capsule is a 520mg non-transparent proprietary blend made up of the classic caffeine, biophytum, tyrosine, bauhinia purpurea, AfraLean branded grains of paradise, and synephrine.

InnovaPharm’s updated Novaburn XT aims to provide mental focus, clean energy, and appetite support. The new supplement is now in stock and available for purchase directly from the brand’s website for $49.99 per bottle, with each bottle intended to last 30 days when taking three per day.