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InnovaPharm drops its loaded amino supplement Recover EAA

innovapharm recover eaa

InnovaPharm has completely revealed and released its all-new amino supplement this week with Recover EAA. The product is yet another solid formulation from the brand that comes packed full of all nine essential amino acids (EAAs) as well as an ingredient for hydration support.


Recover EAA from InnovaPharm comes loaded with 14.4g of EAAs, which is broken up into 10g of BCAAs and 4.4g of the other six EAAs. The hefty combination of aminos in Recover EAA are there to help stimulate protein synthesis, as well as halt muscle breakdown and accelerate muscle repair.

As mentioned there is a hydration support side to InnovaPharm’s latest supplement launch coming from potassium and 100mg of pink Himalayan salt. The brand does also say that Recover EAA is an instant mix formula and can be easily mixed together in water with just a spoon.


While the ingredients and doses in InnovaPharm’s Recover EAA are impressive, the excitement doesn’t stop there. The product is topped off with a creative set of flavor options in Momma’s Sweet Tea, Pink Lemonade and an orange mango grapefruit called OMG!

Where to buy

Recover EAA is now in stock and available for purchase over on InnovaPharm’s online store in all three of its artificial color free flavors. A full bottle of the supplement packs the usual total of 30 servings and through the brand’s website, it’ll cost you $39.99 each.