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Functional ‘Merica Energy shoes featuring knife and grenade attachments

merica energy shoes

If you’re a fan of energy drink supporting shoes, then you’ll probably like what the entertaining team at ‘Merica Labz has come up with. Following on from VPX’s launch of its Bang themed shoes, ‘Merica has previewed its own shoe called DICKS in support of its ‘Merica Energy drink.

There is more to the name than what it seems, as DICKS actually stands for “Deployable Integrated Combat Kickers Special”. The functional ‘Merica Labz shoes feature a blue camouflage pattern, red accents, a knife attached to the side, and a grenade neatly tucked at the back.

We’re fairly certain the brand behind ‘Merica Energy has only put together its DICKS shoe preview for fun. Knowing the brand, however, we wouldn’t be too surprised if they did end up coming out with their own unique pair of shoes but maybe without the shoe length knife and small bomb.