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Nutrabolics is coming out with its own blue light blocking glasses

nutrabolics blackout Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Last week Nutrabolics announced that it is launching a nighttime supplement called Blackout, that is said to be game-changing. While we don’t have an update or any more information to share on the product, we do have some rather interesting news relating to the upcoming Blackout.

Nutrabolics has revealed that as well as being hard at work on its new nighttime supplement, it has also put together its own blue light blocking glasses. Blue light is a type of light that emits from the screens of a lot of modern day devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs.

nutrabolics blackout

When you’re exposed to a lot of blue light in the later hours of the day, say for example reading your phone before you go to bed, it could disrupt your body clock and sleep. Blue-light blocking glasses are intended to do precisely what they’re titled; help block the blue light from your eyes.

As mentioned, Nutrabolics has now confirmed that it has put together its own branded pairs of blue light blocking glasses. By the sounds of things, the product will be dropping alongside Blackout or at least around the same time, and there will only be a limited amount available.