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Olympus Labs announces No Mercy featuring the new NO boosting S7

olympus labs no mercy

Following Olympus Labs’ impressive close to 2018 where it launched a whole bunch of new and exciting supplements, the brand has now confirmed that it is releasing another pre-workout. The product will actually be a stimulant free formula promising pumps, endurance, and focus, and will go by the name No Mercy.

Olympus Labs has revealed two of the features from its upcoming No Mercy formula with the pump ingredient Vaso6, and the all-new, nitric oxide boosting S7, both at clinical doses. That second feature is actually a branded blend of seven plant-based ingredients, with No Mercy set to be the first supplement to utilize it.

S7 is an innovation from the company Futureceuticals who is also responsible for other branded ingredients such as NeuroFactor, CoffeeBerry, and ModCarb. The new S7 blend has been clinically shown to boost nitric oxide by an impressive 230% to help with blood flow and pumps.

olympus labs no mercy s7

Olympus Labs CEO Mobi Khawaja¬†says “You’ll see more and more products take our route of including human studied clinically dosed ingredients rather than using popular ingredients like Agmatine that have no clinical merit, Agmatine had a long history with us but we ultimately decided to invest in more premium human studied ingredients rather than letting the market control us, since we aim to be trend setters in the industry.”

No Mercy is obviously going to have more ingredients in it than just Vaso6 and S7, although based on the benefits of those two, Olympus Labs is off to a good start. The brand always tends to be pretty on to it with new and innovative ingredients like when it first used Vaso6 back in 2017, so it’s no surprise it’s first with S7.