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Outbreak FPS Review: Solid mix of effects for more than just gaming

outbreak fps review

FPS (focus & performance supplement) is the first-ever gaming product from the apocalyptic supplement company Outbreak Nutrition. It has been designed to help users with energy, focus, and mood, so we recently got our hands on a bottle to find out first hand just how well Outbreak delivers with FPS.

For those interested in what’s in the gaming supplement, you can see its full mix of ingredients in the image below. The product comes with a completely transparent facts panel, so you know exactly how much of everything you get including highlights such as 50mg of Dynamine, 200mg of caffeine, and a gram of tyrosine.

outbreak fps review


Right out of the gate, about 10 to 20 minutes after you start sipping away at a single serving of Outbreak Nutrition’s FPS, it begins working its magic. The whole experience starts with a smooth increase in energy that gives you this very productive feeling. It just makes you want to do stuff and do it efficiently, which is ideal for things like work and gaming.

The energy is not at all over the top, but at the same time relatively noticeable and incredibly uplifting. It provides a casual, energy drink like experience although on a significantly more complex level as energy is only one of its effects. The supplement also delivers heightened alertness as well as clear focus and seemingly more efficient thinking.

outbreak fps review

As mentioned, the combination of all of the benefits in Outbreak FPS makes it perfect for studying, working, gaming, or essentially any time you want to focus and get things done. It is really an all-around type product that despite being classed as a gaming formula, does perform as well as some of the better nootropics on the market.

The taste on Outbreak FPS is another great highlight, mostly because it is unlike anything else we’ve had from the supplement world. Based on the name and graphic representing the product’s flavor, the taste appears to be Mountain Dew-inspired, which makes sense as Mountain Dew-like is how we’d describe the FPS flavor, Devastated Dew.

outbreak fps review


Outbreak Nutrition’s FPS is a truly effective supplement with benefits that can be utilized by more than just gamers. The product’s mix of energy, focus, alertness, and cognition make it a handy supplement to have. It is also worth mentioning that we did use a three-quarter scoop many times and still had great experiences.

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