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Protes announces a rebrand, improves its chips and unveils a new flavor

The protein snack company Protes is kicking off the new year with some huge and exciting changes. The list of updates the brand has made to its lineup include a bright and colorful new look, a new and improved version of its Protein Chips, and a new flavor for its Protein Popcorn.

We’ll start with the Protes rebrand which as mentioned is very bright and gives the brand’s products a much more eye-catching look. You can get a good glimpse of the rebrand in the video above where you can see that Protes has gone with individual colors for all of the items it has available.

The next change is the improvement the brand has made to its already delicious Protein Chips. Protes has apparently been working to make its product the best-tasting protein chip on the market for the past 11 months, with the result of that hard work coming packed inside its rebranded chips.

light butter protein popcorn

Last but not least, we have news on all-new flavor from Protes for its other enjoyable high protein snack, Protein Popcorn. Previously the product only had two options to choose from in Sweet Cinnamon and our favorite, White Cheddar, with the new addition to the lineup being Light Butter.

Protes has said that it will be taking pre-orders for all of its new products later today through its website at, which has also been updated to go with its fresh rebrand.

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