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Pumped Sports is teasing something important for this coming Friday

pumped sports

It’s certainly been quite some time since we’ve seen or heard from the New Zealand brand Pumped Sports, although that is all about to change at the end of this week. The brand has confirmed that in just a few days it plans on revealing something quite big which it has provided us a teaser image for.

While the words from Pumped Sports don’t give us any clues as to what it has up its sleeve, its teaser image does. In the teaser, we see what appears to be the top of some sort of powder supplement, which suggests we’re in for a new powder product or possibly an updated version of a previous release.

If the mystery item in the teaser is indeed a new version of an already available supplement, it would have to be Pumped Sports pre-workout Loaded. We say that because Loaded is the brand’s only powder formula, although either way, all is due to be revealed in just three days on Friday.