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Run Everything relaunches AMF, EDD and OMG as vegan-friendly

run everything labs multi vitamin omega joint

Rob and Dana Linn Bailey’s supplement company Run Everything Labs, has relaunched three of its more basic products this week. The supplements that have been updated are the joint support formula AMF, the omega 3 powered OMG, and the vitamin and mineral product EDD.

One of the biggest change with Run Everything Labs’ relaunched supplements is that they are now all vegan-friendly. The formulas behind the items are all pretty straightforward except for AMF (label below) which combines 1.5g of glucosamine, 100mg each of bromelain and hyaluronic acid, 750mg of MSM, and 600mg of chondroitin.

run everything labs amf

As for Run Everything Labs’ revamped and now vegan-friendly EDD and OMG, the latter packs 1g of algal oil providing 400mg of DHA per two-capsule serving. You then have EDD which features a full blend of vitamins and minerals including highlights such as 300mg of vitamin C, 200mcg of folic acid, and various TRAACS minerals.

You can find and purchase any of the relaunched Run Everything Labs products over on its website at $44.99 for AMF, $23.99 for OMG, and $29.99 for EDD. The brand does also have a stack available where you can get one bottle of each supplement for the heavily discounted price of $98.97 and you get a free snapback.