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Second look at Nutrabolics Blackout confirms a 495mg ZMA blend

nutrabolics blackout

Nutrabolics has kicked off the week with a second and much better look at its upcoming, nighttime supplement Blackout. The preview confirms exactly how the product is going to look as well as a few of the ingredients the brand has included to help improve sleep.

We now know Nutrabolics Blackout will feature a 495mg ZMA blend, with ZMA being the classic mix of zinc, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6. The new picture of the supplement also looks like it has 2g of the common sleep ingredient GABA as well as 600mg of something we can’t quite see.

As far as we know, Nutrabolics Blackout is still due to launch sometime during the month of February. When the product does eventually become available fans will be able to pick it up in a 120 capsule bottle, which we suspect will provide the usual amount of servings at 30.