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SteelFit is releasing a nighttime supplement called Steel Dream

steelfit steel dreams

Sometime soon SteelFit is adding an entirely new supplement to its growing lineup which is for a category the brand isn’t currently competing in. The product is named Steel Dreams and it is a sleep formula designed to provide a variety of benefits to take advantage of that nighttime window.

SteelFit’s Steel Dreams intends to provide a complete experience including enhanced REM sleep, improved recovery and relaxation, and better overall quality of sleep. It is promoted as a non-habit forming supplement that we have yet to a list of ingredients for but can confirm it’ll have a three-capsule serving size.

As mentioned, SteelFit’s Steel Dreams is due to be out and available sometime soon. The brand is actually teasing the launch of some sort of nighttime product for this coming Friday that does look an awful lot like Steel Dreams, although we’ll have to wait until Friday to completely confirm.