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Wazz Sports reveals the label for its weight loss formula Twisted Tabz

wazz sports twisted tabz

Yesterday we shared details on the new brand Wazz Sports’ upcoming pre-workout supplement, Twisted. Today we have details on its one and only other product, the weight loss formula Twisted Tabz. Just like Twisted, Wazz Sports’ fat burner features a combination of commonly used ingredients to provide a variety of benefits.

Wazz Sports Twisted Tabz comes packed with seven different features to help provide a nice boost in energy as well as enhance thermogenesis for a good sweat. Like a lot of new supplements, Twisted Tabz does come with an open. transparently dosed label, so you know exactly how much of each ingredient you get per single-capsule serving.

wazz sports twisted tabz

You can see the full list of features in Wazz Sports weight loss formula in the facts panel above which is led by a strong 275mg of the classic stimulant, caffeine. Alongside that Twisted Labz includes 75mg of theobromine, 20mg of grains of paradise, 125mg of tyrosine, 12.5mg of Pro GBB, 40mg of banaba leaf, and 5mg of black pepper.

As previously confirmed, Wazz Sports plans to officially launch its lineup in the UK through the major distributor Tropicana within the next week or so. Supplement shoppers in the area will be able to purchase both of the colorful brand’s products, the pre-workout Twisted and fat burner Twisted Tabz.