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Yamamoto launches its whey concentrate protein Muscle Whey Complex

yamamoto muscle whey complex

The Italian supplement company Yamamoto Nutrition has added a new protein powder to its line this month with Muscle Whey Complex. It does have a similar name to the brand’s Ultra Whey Complex, which is also a protein powder, however formula wise it is quite a bit different.

Yamamoto Nutrition fans can now purchase Muscle Whey Complex over on the brand’s online store at for $36.29. Currently, the product comes in just the one 2kg bag packing a total of 66 servings, and only the one flavor with the sweet sounding Gourmet Choco.

As for what Yamamoto Nutrition’s new Muscle Whey Complex is, it’s basically a whey concentrate powered protein powder. That is quite a bit different from the previously mentioned Ultra Whey Complex which does feature whey concentrate, but also higher quality whey protein isolate.

For those interested in the nutrition profile of Muscle Whey Complex, it is fairly typical for a whey concentrate powered protein supplement. A full serving of the product provides 20g of protein, 2.5g of fat with 1.4g saturated, 2.2g of carbohydrates wit 1.8g of that sugar, and 87 calories.