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AML’s hybrid formula Amino Energy gets renamed AML Energy Cocktail

aml energy cocktail

Last year Advanced Molecular Labs or more simply known as AML, launched an energy infused amino supplement called Amino Energy. The product features a very different kind of formula compared to other energized amino supplements, going without the usual BCAAs or EAAs.

The reason AML’s Amino Energy is back in the spotlight this week is that the brand has decided to change the name of the product. Amino Energy is now titled AML Energy Cocktail, which features the same mix of ingredients but with a little more caffeine anhydrous at 160mg instead of 100mg.

AML’s website has been updated to reflect the changes to Amino Energy or what is now referred to as AML Energy Cocktail. You can also purchase the supplement from the site at a price of $34.99 for a 30 serving tub.