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Ancient Nutrition introduces its eight piece Ancient Probiotics Series

ancient probiotics

Ancient Nutrition has introduced a massive new series of supplements this month with its family of Ancient Probiotics. There are a total of eight different products in the brand’s new series, all of which are of course probiotic formulas, each intended for a different type of audience or goal.

The impressive variety of Ancient Probiotics include versions to help with gut health, immune support, and skin, as well as one for cognitive function and mental focus. Each of those four supplements comes with 50 billion CFUs, 17 probiotic strains, and extra ingredients to support their extra benefits.

The other Ancient Probiotics are the more advanced Ultimate version and the cost-effective Once Daily options. Ultimate packs 100 billion CFUs and 18 strains of probiotics, while the Once Daily Ultimate has 50 billion and 17 strains, and the Men’s and Women’s Once Daily have 25 billion CFUs.

As mentioned earlier, Ancient Nutrition has put together a whole lot of probiotic products, each with a different goal or audience in mind. To make figuring out which Ancient Probiotics supplement is the right one for you the brand has put together a nice and easy quiz available on its website.

Ancient Nutrition’s quiz asks you questions like your gender, how many CFUs you prefer, and have you taken one before. At the end, you’ll be provided with the ideal Ancient Probiotics product for you with Ultimate priced at $59.95, the Once Daily items at $39.95, and everything else at $49.95.

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