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Smart Caps from Apollos brings together caffeine, theanine and theacrine

apollos hegemony smart caps

Apollos Hegemony has been on a bit of a streak as of late, unveiling a whole bunch of new products to start the new year. Today that momentum continues with the introduction of a focus and productivity supplement the brand has coming soon appropriately named Smart Caps.

The all-new Smart Caps isn’t like the majority of Apollos Hegemony’s basic lineup, although at the same time it’s not overly complicated. To provide those benefits mentioned above, per serving the product packs 200mg of theanine, 75mg of theacrine, and a reasonable 125mg of caffeine.

Apollos Hegemony plans on dropping Smart Caps in the very near future through its usual partners and stores. The Poland based company will be launching the focus and productivity formula in the one 60 capsule bottle size.