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Limited Baja Breeze flavor dropping this Monday for Campus Protein’s Fuel

baja breeze campus protein fuel

Campus Protein has announced the launch of yet another alternatively branded and limited edition flavor for its pre-workout Fuel. Back in December, the brand did exactly the same thing with a flavor called White Frost which was said to taste like the White Monster Ultra energy drink.

The latest creation from the creative team over at Campus Protein is the turquoise and teal colored Fuel flavor, Baja Breeze. Just like White Frost, Baja Breeze is said to taste like a beverage that’s already out on the market with Taco Bell’s exclusive Baja Blast flavor of Mountain Drew.

If you like the sound of Campus Protein’s next new Fuel flavor, you’re not going to be waiting too long to get your hands on it. The brand actually plans on launching its limited edition, Baja Breeze Fuel in just four days’ time on Monday of next week through