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Mysterious new testosterone booster coming from Beast Sports in March

beast sports testosterone

Beast Sports has dropped a teaser for its next new supplement that sounds like it’s going to be something to look out for. The product hasn’t had its ingredients or name confirmed just yet; we do however have a vague but very intriguing description.

The upcoming Beast Sports supplement is going to be a testosterone booster and is said to be stronger than the brand’s current testosterone competitor, Super Test. The mystery product will also feature a label design very different to anything else in the growing Beast lineup.

If we had to take a guess, we think the new supplement will be an improved version of Super Test like Super Test 2.0 or Super Test Black based on its packaging. Super Test has been a long-running product for Beast, so if it has a new testosterone booster, we have to imagine it’ll continue the name.

The only other details we have to confirm for Beast Sports’ upcoming testosterone booster are that it’ll be fully transparent and feature efficacious doses. It is also due to launch sometime in March, which now that we’re in February, is not too far away.