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Blackstone previews its upcoming muscle building product Superstrol-7

blackstone labs superstrol-7

Blackstone Labs has unveiled another entirely new supplement it has coming soon that is different from the one we got a glimpse of last week in Myo-Stack. The latest product previewed by the brand is Superstrol-7, which is a muscle building formula promoting a variety of promising benefits.

According to the label of Blackstone Labs’ upcoming Superstrol-7, the supplement aims to help with lean muscle gains as well as increase strength, performance, and muscle growth. The product packs three main ingredients into a single tablet serving that utilizes liposomal delivery technology.

The three features making up Blackstone Labs’ Superstrol-7 formula are 50mg of (25r)-5-alpha-spirostan-2alpha, 100mg of epiandrosterone, and 25mg of 7-hydroxy DHEA. All we know about the supplement’s release at the moment is that just like Myo-Stack, Superstrol-7 is coming sometime soon.