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Karbolyn Fuel launches in a Cherry Bomb Pop flavor exclusive to Amazon

cherry bomb pop karbolyn fuel

EFX Sports’ flagship carbohydrate supplement Karbolyn Fuel, has just been given another flavor to choose from. Fans and regular users of the product will already know the carb formula has a wide variety of options available with the likes of Strawberry, Green Apple, and Orange.

The new addition to the EFX Sports Karbolyn Fuel menu is actually a flavor the brand already has available for its amino, Training Ground EAA. That flavor is the cherry recipe Cherry Bomb Pop, which you can only purchase in the supplement’s mid-range 4.4lb size, packing a total of 37 servings.

Fans of EFX Sports wanting to get their hands on the new Cherry Bomb Pop Karbolyn Fuel, can currently get it from just the one place. The brand has launched the product as an exclusive to the online retail giant Amazon where it’ll cost you $49.99 for its one and only 4.4lb tub.