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Finaflex combines carnitine, caffeine and GBBGO for Carnitine Energy

finaflex carnitine energy

Carnitine Energy is a new liquid supplement coming soon from Finaflex that combines the power of carnitine with energy, just as its title suggests. The product aims to increase metabolic activity and weight loss, as well as provide a nice increase in energy thanks to its addition of caffeine.

The list of ingredients in Finaflex’s Carnitine Energy includes of course carnitine, but at a dose that depends on the version. There are two options for the supplement in Carnitine Energy 1500 and Carnitine Energy 3000, with the former featuring 1.5g of carnitine and the latter twice that at 3g.

As mentioned, the new Finaflex product does come with caffeine at a dose of 50mg per serving, as well as the branded ingredient GBBGO for carnitine production support. Carnitine Energy is due to launch soon in two 31 serving flavors for both versions with Peach Mango and Gummy Bears.