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Finaflex packs S7, HydroGlycerine and probiotics into a dual-stage capsule

finaflex pump probiotic

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a lot of new supplements for the growing pump category in capsule, powder, and even liquid form. Finaflex has now confirmed details on an upcoming product for that very category with the rather unique hybrid supplement Pump Probiotic.

What is it

The new Finaflex Pump Probiotic that is coming soon is quite a bit different from a lot of the pump products we’ve seen lately. As mentioned, it is a hybrid type supplement combining ingredients to help enhance muscle pumps with a robust blend of probiotics.


To increase blood flow Finaflex has packed Pump Probiotic with the two branded features HydroGlycerine and S7, neither of which we know the doses of just yet. Then on the other side of the product there is proBIOTIC 10B which is a probiotic blend with10 billion CFUs.

It is also worth mentioning that Finaflex Pump Probiotic does utilize a special dual-stage delivery technology. It is exactly like the brand’s PX Probiotic also featuring proBIOTIC 10B, where the probiotics are specifically delivered to the small intestine for maximum uptake.

Where to buy

At the moment Pump Probiotic is said to be releasing sometime soon with no date or week given for when that time is coming. We suspect the supplement will be available on Finaflex’s website first, where there is an online store for fans to purchase directly from the brand.