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Gold Standard expands its Pots O Gold menu with three new flavors

gold standard nutrition pots o gold

Gold Standard Nutrition is a widely available food company out of the UK that makes some very convenient products. The brand is all about healthy food with a great selection of frozen meats in its Butcher Selection Range as well as bulk amounts of pre-cooked chicken.

The highlight of the Gold Standard Nutrition lineup is its frozen, high protein meals called Pots O Gold. They are basically nutritious meals that come in small, convenient little pots with a balanced nutrition profile and a growing selection of flavors.

Gold Standard Nutrition’s bestseller Chicken Curry, is simply made with chicken, water, basmati rice, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. As for its list of marcos, a single pot provides 36.8g of protein, 45.9g of carbohydrates with less than a gram of that sugar, 1.6g of fat, and 345 calories.

gold standard nutrition pots o gold

Over the past couple of months, Gold Standard Nutrition’s Pots O Gold have been hitting shelves in three new flavors, expanding its menu of nine to a total of 12 options. The brand’s latest releases are Pasta Bolognese, Chicken Chorizo Paella, and Breaded Chicken Katsu Curry.

You can purchase Gold Standard Nutrition’s Pots O Gold from a wide variety of locations including the brand’s own online store. Through you can get the high protein meals, including the three new flavors for £3.50 (4.53 USD) each or as low as £2.65 when buying in bulk.