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Details on how the Stack3d Supplement Expo Awards are judged

stack3d supplement expo awards

This weekend at the Arnold Classic Expo, we’re going to be doing our Stack3d Supplement Expo Awards for the first time. It is a set of awards that are given out at major supplement expos like the Arnold, with all of the event’s exhibitors automatically in the running for each of the four awards we’ve put together.

The categories for the Stack3d Supplement Expo Awards are Best New Product, Best Tasting Product, Best Booth, and People’s Choice. After receiving quite a few questions from brands, today we’re going to go into a bit more detail on each of the awards, specifically how we’ll be judging them.

stack3d supplement expo awards

Best New Product

The Best New Product award will go to the most interesting, exciting, creative, and well put together product from a supplement or health food company. The product has to have been released within the last month, or available to sample at the event with details and is due to release within the next couple of months.

Best Tasting Product

The award for the Best Tasting Product is much the same as Best New Product. We’ll be tasting all of the great looking products at the expo from aminos to protein bars, and the one that simply tastes the best will win the award. This is not restricted to new products, although those that offer a new kind of experience will get extra points.

stack3d supplement expo awards

Best Booth

The Best Booth award will go to the brand with the most unique, fun, standout, entertaining, and above all, interactive expo booth. We’ll be looking for companies that get consumers involved with meet and greets, sampling, deals and discounts, and activities.

People’s Choice

The People’s Choice is a unique award that puts the power into the hands of the Stack3d audience. We’ll be taking a look at the reaction, reach, and statistics of each of the stories we share live from the expo. The brand that the post is about that comes out with the biggest numbers, will take home the People’s Choice title.

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