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Novo appears to have another delicious snack with the Protein Square

novo nutrition protein square

The protein snack innovator Novo Nutrition, has introduced an all-new product to close out the week with the no doubt delicious Protein Square. There has yet to be a release from Novo that we haven’t enjoyed, so we definitely have high hopes for its next entirely new product.

The upcoming Protein Square is another wafer style snack from Novo Nutrition featuring stacked creamy and wafer layers, and a base dipped in real chocolate. The product is launching in the one Chocolate Hazelnut flavor and will have a fairly typical nutrition profile for a protein treat.

Novo Nutrition’s new Protein Square is 20% protein, with each square providing 5.4g of protein, only 1.4g of sugar, and a total of 131 calories. As mentioned, we have high hopes for this one purely because the brand has yet to disappoint and the description makes it sound delicious.