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Nutrabio introduces its stackable joint formula Curcumin Advanced

nutrabio curcumin

Nutrabio continues its stampede of new supplements this week, making it the sixth week in a row where the brand has launched something. The latest from Nutrabio is named Curcumin Advanced powered of course by curcumin, and unlike last week’s release, it is not a single ingredient formula.

The new Curcumin Advanced from Nutrabio combines 400mg of the patented C3 Reduct curcumin with 100mg of ginger root and 175mg of bromelain for joint support. The brand has also included the two commonly used bio-availability enhancers BioPerine black pepper at 5mg and AstraGin at 50mg.

Curcumin Advanced can be stacked with Nutrabio’s already available and loaded joint product Extreme Joint Care for even more joint support. The new supplement is now available for purchase through the brand’s own online store over at at $29.99 for a full-size 30 serving bottle.