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Primeval Labs previews its intra-workout evolution Intracell 7 Black

intracell 7 black

Primeval Labs has dropped the first look at the next product for its advanced Black Series of supplements with Intracell 7 Black. Much like the original version, the Black Series sequel is an intra-workout formula designed for use during your workout.

Intracell 7 Black from Primeval Labs will feature a variety of ingredients similar to that of the previous Intracell 7. We don’t know the exact combination of features in the product but can confirm it will have a full blend of EAAs, carbohydrates, and what looks to be VasoDrive AP.

More information on the intra-workout supplement will be along soon, especially since the product itself is going to be available next week. Knowing Primeval Labs, Intracell 7 Black will be in stock first on its own online store with three yet to be named flavors to choose from.