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ProSupps updates its website and logo but that’s only the beginning

Over the past few months we haven’t heard all that much from the red and black brand, ProSupps. In the coming months however, that is not going to be the case, in fact, it sounds like ProSupps is going to be the one making the most noise in 2019. The brand has kicked things off with the reveal of a new logo and website.

The updated ProSupps logo keeps its signature combination of colors, but changes its font slightly, making it a little bolder. As for the website, that has undergone a lot more changes, with now featuring an improved design and a more spacious layout, as well as smoother and easier navigation.

ProSupps has also switched its slogan from “Results Period!” to “Alpha All Day”, and while all of these developments are exciting, they’re far from where it ends.


ProSupps’ founder TJ says “For those that have been bleeding Red and Black since 2012, we’ve got drops of epic proportions this year. We have always been driven by the people not the product, and this year more than any other year we are going to highlight the thousands of people around the globe that are redefining what it means to be an inspiration to others. We want to become a part of your “wins” and we want to share them with the world.”

As you can see in the quote, the tweaked logo and revamped website are only just the beginning for ProSupps in 2019. The brand makes it very clear that it has a lot of excitement coming this year with its reference to “drops of epic proportions” making it sound like ProSupps will be a company to watch.

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