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Protein Way unveils Whey Way Protein for release later in the year

protein way protein pwoder

Protein Way is a relatively new supplement company out of the Czech Republic that currently makes just the one product. This week the brand has revealed plans to push outside of its home country with an international website as well as shared details on another supplement it has coming soon.

The one product available from Protein Way at the moment is Delinut Butter, which is a protein enriched peanut and hazelnut butter. The supplement is made with Belgian chocolate, features no palm oil, artificial sweeteners or added sugar, and is infused with whey to give it that high amount of protein.

As mentioned, Protein Way has shared news this week regarding what its second-ever product release is. The brand has confirmed that it will be a protein powder named Whey Way Protein powered, of course, by whey protein, packing 60 servings per tub and be available in a Chocolate flavor.

While Protein Way has confirmed the coming of Whey Way Protein, it is still a while away from launch. For now, you grab the brand’s Delinut Butter from the Czech Republic store Fitness Muscle and look forward to having access to Protein Way outside of the country when its website arrives next month.