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TF7 Labs has also reformulated its pump pre-workout Virus for 2019

tf7 labs virus pump

Along with updating the formula behind its stimulant pre-workout supplement Poison, TF7 Labs has also revamped its other pre-workout Virus. The big difference with Virus compared to Poison is that it is stimulant free and focuses more on delivering better muscle pumps.

What is it

TF7 Labs’ reformulated version of Virus is officially titled Virus Pump, which gives you a bit more information about the product right in its name. The supplement still features a combination of ingredients that doesn’t include any stimulants, and it’s built primarily for enhancing muscle pumps.

Formula and flavors

The UK company has brought together nine main ingredients for its updated Virus Pump. Some of its biggest features are a solid 6g of pure citrulline, 300mg of the branded Vaso6, a gram each of pomegranate and sodium nitrate, and a hefty 4g of glycine propionyl-l-carnitine.

tf7 labs virus pump

Being that it is a stimulant free pre-workout, TF7 Labs’ Virus Pump can be used with its stimulant pre-workout Poison. The brand has actually made stacking the two quite easy by giving Virus Pump the same five flavors as Poison with Tropical Storm, Cola Chaos, Cherry Bomb, Blueberry Potion, and Lethal Liquorice.

Where to buy

TF7 Labs plans on releasing its updated Virus Pump in 25 serving tubs sometime next month, which is around the same time as when the new Poison is expected to hit shelves. The brand’s online store over at is due to be one of the first places with stock of the pump pre-workout.

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