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Enlightened announces a White Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream flavor

white chocolate raspberry enlightened

Last week Enlightened announced two new, delicious looking flavors for its protein infused and low-calorie Ice Cream Bars. Both flavors come dipped in milk chocolate with 5g of protein per bar and 150 calories, which is a bit more than the brand’s other ice Cream Bar flavors.

Enlightened has followed up that news with the introduction of another flavor for its high protein Ice Cream Pints. Joining the product’s already large menu this week is White Chocolate Raspberry with white chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate chips, and a raspberry swirl.

The flavor has the usual 20g of protein per tub with 10g of fat, 76g of carbohydrates, and a total of 360 calories. Those that like the sound of the new White Chocolate Raspberry can look forward to seeing it in freezers soon at the likes of Wegmans, Shoprite, and Publix.

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