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REPP shares the first look at its next exciting flavor of Raze Energy

yellow raze energy drink

REPP Sports has finally shared an actual look at the next flavor of its delicious Raze Energy drink. Over the past few weeks, the brand has been teasing the product, saying that it will be the first of its kind for the category and colored either black, light blue, teal, or yellow.

REPP Sports has now finally revealed what color the Raze Energy drink is going to be, although it is still keeping the actual name of the flavor under wraps. It turns out the drink is the yellow themed Raze Energy; however, the finished product has a bit more to it than what we’ve seen.

The sneak peek REPP Sports has shared today for its yet-to-be-named Raze Energy flavor is mostly yellow with touches of pink across the can. The color theme doesn’t give us any clues as to what the product tastes like, but it reinforces the fact that it is something unique.

The long-awaited and highly anticipated Raze Energy drink is due to be unveiled entirely sometime next week with, availability of the product to follow.